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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The art of pottery is as ancient as human history. In different part of the world different type of potteries developed in the different cultures. But the history of porcelain pots and its decorative articles starts from 618 to 907 AD in the Tang Dynasty in China. The attribution of discovery of present refined porcelain goes especially to Chinese and Europeans as well. In China rarest quality of fine China clay is found along with some other parts of the world.
The pieces of porcelain potteries of Neolithic age have been unearthed on the bank of river Yellow and Chang-Jiang in China which are part of not only potteries but also of decorative articles.
In beginning the pottery industry was not of great importance and big enough. The clay strips were fired in ground, but gradually more precise throw clay method were developed when products were started to be baked and finished in side fire and kilns. This further led Chinese to bake the pots on as much high temperature as 1100 degrees.
The potters of Yin and Shang Dynasty started the use of Kaolin, extra ordinary fine white clay and developed such kilns which could bake pots at 1200 degrees. This temperature distinguished the porcelain from other potteries

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